7 Important IVF Questions

Many couples face the problem of conception. 40 years ago, back in 1978, the first person conceived through IVF was born in Britain – a girl named Louise Brown. This revolutionary method brought happiness to many childless couples, and the creator of the IVF method, Robert Edwards, received the Nobel prize. When should a couple … Read more

Mom’s Guide: Top 10 Tips for the First …

Being a mom today is more difficult than it was many years ago. Yes, of course, modern devices, which our ancestors did not have, make everyday life easier, but the emotional burden has increased significantly in the age of the Internet and showing photos of successful parents. It seems that no matter what you do, … Read more

Tired Of Being Tired? How To Make Up For An I…

Lack of iron in the body can cause a whole range of problems, from fatigue to iron deficiency anemia. Blood hemoglobin production slows down, and tissues and organs get less oxygen. In severe cases, disorders of the cardiovascular, immune, digestive, and urinary systems can occur. The risk of iron deficiency and anemia is higher in … Read more

One Pregnancy For Two: A Memo For The Father-…

Pregnancy and childbirth is a responsible period not only in a woman’s life, but also in a man’s. This is a time of joy, feelings, new discoveries and testing of your marital relationship. That will happen when the baby is born! And until it happens, you have time to adjust to parenthood, embrace the idea … Read more

Top Mistakes Made By Parents

As children, we knew for sure that our parents were wrong in many ways: they were too strict, old-fashioned and incomprehensible. Perhaps each of us, at least once in our childhood, promised to be a better parent than the ones we had. However, whether we forget our promises or we realize over time that our … Read more

Family Budgeting Rules

As soon as a man and a woman decide to live together, there are many things they have in common: they have to decide who takes out the trash, hangs up the laundry and vacuums the house. But these are all small things that overshadow the main question: where in the family (which is already … Read more

Your Baby’s First Teeth: What’s I…

There’s no universal manual – every baby’s teeth will erupt in their own way. But advice from doctors and experienced mothers can help you with Timing of teething Usually, a child’s teeth start to emerge at six to eight months of age. Then by one year of age your baby will have eight teeth – … Read more

8 Rules For Baby Food

The nutrition of the modern child is far from ideal. There is an overabundance of sweets, snacks and fast carbohydrates, and a critically small amount of vegetables, fruits and cereals.  It is difficult to wean a child who is more than five years old from such a diet. But it is necessary for his health. … Read more

How To Wean Your Child From Lying?

There are no unimportant issues in raising a child, especially if at some point you realize that something has gone wrong. Do not panic and give up – most likely, you are not the first faced with this problem, and it means that before you it has already been successfully solved by someone else. It’s … Read more