The Family Bathroom: Ergonomic Solutions

A big family does not necessarily need a huge bathroom, if you can organize the space wisely

The new Subway 3.0 collection from the German brand Villeroy & Boch consists of functional ceramic sanitary ware and furniture, which saves space and water. What’s more, all the pieces in it are easy to put together in a harmonious ensemble, so that you can easily become the designer of the most important area in the house yourself.

Villeroy & Boch has been producing ceramic sanitary ware for two centuries. Enough time for it to have honed its skills to perfection. In the Subway 3.0 wash basins and toilets, the trademark laconic design is combined with modern functional solutions.

The rectangular wash basins in the Subway 3.0 collection, for example, can be fitted into the design of any bathroom like a tidy little tetris brick: they fit into the space it takes up not a centimeter, thanks to the thin walls and slim outer edge. The minimalist design of each model is rounded off by an elongated outlet.

Despite their compact size, the wash basins are very comfortable to use: the bowls are deep and the side shelves are wide enough to easily hold cosmetics and toothbrushes. For those who like to wash up as a family, there are options for double sinks. They look just like those in the world’s best hotels. Under the bowl you can easily locate a cabinet with large drawers (the bottom light function allows using them comfortably at any time of day), and above it there is a rectangular or circular mirror with a perfect LED strip around the perimeter or circumference, whose power can be adjusted with a touch of a sensor that is invisible from outside. By the way, the drawer and mirror illumination can be connected to all standard smart home systems – only a special ZigBee┬« kit needs to be installed as an option.

The toilet is an integral part of every bathroom. The Subway 3.0 collection features stylish, cone-shaped models, which offer unique technological features. Such as? Well, with the TwistFlus water-saving flush system, which has the effect of a powerful whirlpool, and which cleans the inside of the pan without causing any unnecessary noise. Even if a child sleeps in the bedroom, he or she is unlikely to be disturbed by the sound of running water. Best of all, it only requires 4.5 liters for the large flush and 3 liters for the small one – saving a family of four up to 19,700 liters of water a year. Convenient, practical and environmentally friendly – saving water helps not only the family budget, but also the planet.

In addition, the new toilets have no rim, which prevents the accumulation of dirt, which means that hygiene in the home can be maintained without any extra effort or annoying brushes. The top-quality ceramic with CeramicPlus and AntiBac coating also contributes to this, preventing bacterial growth by 99.9%. In a family with small children, such details really make a difference.

The bath: Durability and comfort

During the weekend, the bathtub provides deep relaxation, on weekdays it is a place to unwind after a long day at work, where grown-ups bend over the backrest with a book or a glass of wine, and children splash about with laughter. In a word, you can’t do without it in the house! Unlike lockers over a sink, it is not so easy to replace quite a bulky and heavy tub. The Subway 3.0 bathtubs, made from the high-quality Quaryl┬« material with a high quartz content of 60%, are so strong that with proper maintenance, they will last for years even longer than your grandchildren. All models are mechanically indestructible and retain their colour strength for years. The new SilentFlow system allows water to flow quietly from below, as from an invisible underground spring in the shape of a star, solving the problem of splashing water completely. Watching the bathtub being filled is now a separate, meditative pleasure.

Furniture: practicality and aesthetics

Two key factors are crucial when choosing bathroom furniture: great storage capacity but compact dimensions. The Subway 3.0 range of cabinets, side panels and drawers satisfies these requirements, with discreet design and versatile fronts. For example, the solid colors Brilliant White, White Matt and Volcano Black will please those who love classics, Marine Blue and Graphite will please those who love bright colours, and the warm wooden palette of Arizona Oak, Nordic Oak, Kansas Oak and Stone Oak will please those who appreciate coziness above all.

The long handles of the cupboards are often camouflaged and colour-matched to the front. There are also open shelves, for those who like to reach for their towels. Finally, you can thank Villeroy & Boch for the finger-friendly finish, which protects furniture from fingerprints – an hour’s worth of cleaning time saved.

The bathroom is the most intimate space in the home. Which is why convenience and cleanliness are worth the particular attention you pay to its design. The Subway 3.0 collection has it all. All that remains is to choose, order and install the models you like.

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