8 Phrases You Can’t Say to a Young Mother

Fatigue, lack of sleep, and irritability haunt a new mother in the first months after the birth of her baby. Even if the mother is phlegmatic and the baby seems to be the calmest in the world. 

That’s why it is better not to provoke a woman who still has full play hormones, and the daily regime is so intense that she herself wants somewhere to splash out emotions. Remember the 8 phrases that are better not to utter in the presence of a friend who recently gave birth.

“You look really tired.” Constant worry and care take a lot of energy. A woman gets tired and doesn’t look 100 percent. So there’s no point in reminding her of that once again. 

“Are you working?” Every mom works – the morning shift, the day shift, the night shift, the 24-hour workday. And instead of monetary incentives, she gets kisses and smiles from her baby. And just so you don’t once again force a stay-at-home mom to answer this question in detail – you’d better hold off on it. 

“You look like a real mom” Especially hurtful these words come from the mouth of a close friend, who: looks younger, although you are the same age looks slimmer than you have made a successful career

“This dress hides the extra pounds.” There is no need to remind the young mother again and again that she still has not regained her former “prenatal” shape. She really knows she doesn’t look perfect. Instead, just say, “That dress looks great on you.” And that will be the best compliment ever!

“If it were my baby, I would…” In a young mother such a phrase can cause not only resentment, but also irritation. After all, it sounds like a reproach and makes you feel like a bad mother. So instead of this phrase it is better to say, “Don’t you want to try to do it differently?”

“Are you pregnant again?” These words are tantamount to saying, “Have you put on weight again?” You shouldn’t ask such questions. They hurt a young mother very much, and her self-esteem suffers as well.

“If a mother lets her baby have a piece of chocolate or, for example, sometimes says sausages instead of meat for lunch, it is not a crime, but her choice. Every modern mother knows about the dangers of certain foods. Perhaps due to lack of time, she occasionally feeds the baby is not quite right, but, believe me, she knows about it. So there is no need to remind her about it once again, and even more – blame her.

“My child (or I) also picked his nose when he was a kid” It is not necessary to focus mom’s attention on the bad habits of her beloved child. It is better to pretend that you did not notice how the kid picks his nose, and talk about something else.

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