The Housewife – How Not To Lose Yourself

The housewife job is a real blessing. However, until you, who used to be the center of attention at work, do not have to “get into the skin” of the wife and stay-at-home mum. Please don’t confuse housewives with just women who don’t work – trust me, there are significant differences between these two categories of ladies. On the one hand there are a lot of advantages in such a “domestic” profession – you are at home, left to yourself and can only do what you want and plan your day by yourself. But on the other hand (and it becomes apparent pretty soon) all is not so rosy – now you are at the service of her husband and child every minute and you will now have no time off and holidays. No matter how rosy the life of a housewife may seem, there are still plenty of problems and inconveniences.

Most of the “psychological dangers” can be classified as follows:

An oppressive dependence on a breadwinner husband. Worries about how not to lose yourself, completely dissolved in the family and the household, are justified. Alas, not all families are happy and forever – the woman fears that one day her husband will leave the family and then she, who has lost her livelihood skills, will have to become a breadwinner again. It is difficult to give definite advice in this situation because marriage itself is an arduous daily job of finding a compromise. Try not to turn into a “broody” who has lost interest in everything outside the home – meet people, socialize, educate yourself. You can find a simple job at home, for example online – even if it does not bring a lot of money, such an occupation does not let you completely “fall out of line”.

There is a lack of appreciation for your own work. Alas, household members tend to quickly get used to the good things – fresh food cooked with love every day, cleaned flat and washed and pressed clothes are no longer appreciated and begin to be taken for granted. Be sure to give yourself a weekend – let your loved ones learn the difference between store-bought dumplings and your culinary masterpieces. You can also involve your spouse in the cooking – for example, on weekends – so that he or she realizes that your job is not an easy one.

Successful girlfriends. Groomed, well-dressed and perpetually busy with important career affairs girlfriends – a special risk factor. It’s not uncommon for them to look at you differently as your position changes. Don’t let them assert themselves at your expense by feeling sorry for you ‘buried under a pile of plates. This kind of relationship, if it can’t be evened out, is better broken up – it’s of little use, only frustrating.

Lack of success in your new role. It’s no secret that among housewives also has its own competition: someone went earlier / spoke / learned a poem child or a pie was tastier – and you immediately feel like an outsider. And you should be – everyone has their own way of doing things. Culinary talent can be developed, but children still develop individually. You do not need to prove to anyone that you are the best, because those who are supposed to know it already.

Once you find yourself in the role of housewife, hurry up and enjoy your new role, because fate has so many twists and turns that it’s hard to predict.

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