The Housewife – How Not To Lose Yoursel…

The housewife job is a real blessing. However, until you, who used to be the center of attention at work, do not have to “get into the skin” of the wife and stay-at-home mum. Please don’t confuse housewives with just women who don’t work – trust me, there are significant differences between these two categories … Read more

Secret Helpers: How Dummies, Drink Bottles Ca…

A good bite is key to a beautiful smile. As well as socializing with peers and boosting self-confidence, it helps to prevent problems with your baby’s articulation and breathing. Many think that it’s too early to think about a bite while your baby still has milk teeth. But it’s not just about teeth: the teeth … Read more

Pros and Cons of Motherhood´┐╝

Everything changes with the birth of a child – the world around you and inside!  Women’s psychology has surprises after childbirth.  A mom is a completely different person. But how hard it is to say goodbye to the old self – young, light and independent. You just need to give yourself a little time and … Read more

Is Morning Sickness Good For You?

Many mums-to-be will disagree, but scientists have once again proved that toxicosis in the first trimester of pregnancy is good for their health – and that of their future babies.  Experts from the National Institutes of Health in Maryland have shared the surprising results of their new study proving that morning sickness and other “charms” … Read more

Miscarriage: 7 Questions For The Gynecologist

There are topics that are difficult to talk about, but it is better to know everything about them. Let’s find out the answers to the top questions about miscarriage and its consequences that you would like to ask your gynaecologist.  According to medical terminology, a miscarriage is defined as a spontaneous termination of pregnancy that … Read more

8 Phrases You Can’t Say to a Young Moth…

Fatigue, lack of sleep, and irritability haunt a new mother in the first months after the birth of her baby. Even if the mother is phlegmatic and the baby seems to be the calmest in the world.  That’s why it is better not to provoke a woman who still has full play hormones, and the … Read more

Family Birth – The Way Of Bonding?

Today you can hardly surprise anyone with the statement “We’re going to have a baby together!  After all, family births have recently become very popular. And this is a very good trend that came to us from the West.  First of all, a partner’s delivery is rightfully considered an intimate event in the life of … Read more

How To Eat And Lose Weight While Breastfeedin…

There is no diet or any special diet for a breastfeeding mom. But this topic has many intimidating taboos: “Instead of rainbows on the plate – 50 shades of gray, no spices, more fresh fruits and vegetables, do not drink coffee, but drink tea with milk/condensed milk for lactation. The lactation diet is a relic … Read more

Milk Allergy In Baby: How To Identify It And …

Changes in children’s menu, whether it is the introduction of milk formula or complementary food, can cause allergies. What are its causes and symptoms, what to feed your baby and how to treat it? Answers to the most pressing questions from parents. Causes of allergies A child’s digestive and immune systems are immature. The intestines … Read more

4 Tricks For A Smooth And Stress-Free Return …

Start with a small part-time job. This will help you figure out what you really want to do and how much you can earn with this kind of work. Remote employment will suit moms who are tired of the household routine and want to balance work with taking care of the family. Anabell is a … Read more

Only Children In A Family Are More Selfish

We used to think that having siblings – a kind of “inoculation” against selfishness. But is it really so? Researchers found out if only children in a family are really more selfish. Save Stereotypes abound that only children in a family are spoiled, self-centered “little emperors.” But a 2019 study in Germany found: While the … Read more