Family Budgeting Rules

As soon as a man and a woman decide to live together, there are many things they have in common: they have to decide who takes out the trash, hangs up the laundry and vacuums the house. But these are all small things that overshadow the main question: where in the family (which is already … Read more

Your Baby’s First Teeth: What’s I…

There’s no universal manual – every baby’s teeth will erupt in their own way. But advice from doctors and experienced mothers can help you with Timing of teething Usually, a child’s teeth start to emerge at six to eight months of age. Then by one year of age your baby will have eight teeth – … Read more

How To Wean Your Child From Lying?

There are no unimportant issues in raising a child, especially if at some point you realize that something has gone wrong. Do not panic and give up – most likely, you are not the first faced with this problem, and it means that before you it has already been successfully solved by someone else. It’s … Read more