How Do I Prepare My Child For Nursery School?

Even though we all love our children fanatically, there comes a time in almost every woman’s life when she starts to think about sending her beloved child to kindergarten. And there’s nothing wrong with that – the child has to develop, socialize with other children and learn to get along without his mother. If your … Read more

Tips For Raising Twins

Recently, few people are surprised by multiple pregnancies – some attribute these facts to the artificial in-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure, but medical statistics show a real increase in the percentage of twin births conceived naturally as well. There is even a whole theory that nature is using the increased standard of living of the world’s … Read more

What To Do If A Child Is Stung By A Wasp

A wasp bite is very painful and, in some cases, can even be life-threatening for a child. Every mum should know how to help and when to see a doctor urgently. As a rule, wasps do not attack or sting for no reason, but you can provoke an attack simply by waving your arms, but … Read more

The 6 Petals Diet: For Mums Who Want To Be In…

The 6 Petals diet, developed by Swedish nutritionist Anna Johansson, is considered to be very effective. If you follow it methodically, you can get rid of 3 to 5 kilos of extra weight in 6 days. What are the special features? One of the benefits of the Six Petals Diet is its outwardly playful form. … Read more

Tips For Pregnant Dads

Honey, we’re having a baby! – is a phrase that always stirs up a storm of emotions. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sudden or planned, what’s important is that at that moment, the man realizes that his life will never be the same again. And he’s right – life finally and irrevocably changes. Change is … Read more

What Tests To Take Before Conception

Many couples take a conscious approach to pregnancy planning and undergo examinations well in advance. This is the right approach, which is practiced throughout the civilized world. If you pass the tests before conception, correct mistakes in time – significantly increases the likelihood of spontaneous pregnancy, without the use of assisted reproductive technology, and all … Read more

Children Of Celebrities Who Were Born From Su…

Moreover, some celebrities frankly admit that their babies were born through surrogacy. We discuss the babies who were born by surrogate mothers further in our story.  Michael Jackson and his son Prince Michael II The pop king’s third child was carried by a surrogate mother. Prince Michael II was born in 2002, after his star … Read more

How To Organize A Children’s Party

If you have children, you already know everything. Nappies, bottles and rattles. Torn trousers and broken knees. The F’s and the parent-teacher conferences. About presents under the tree and children’s parties. And about children’s parties?!  If your children have moved into the category of teenagers, arranging a party for them is costly. Entertaining a teenager … Read more

Childbirth Is Coming Soon: Let’s Set Ou…

Do not forget that all your worries and stressful situations are a reaction to the novelty of your situation. Moms who already have kids with humor recall their pregnancy experiences. At the time they as well as you are now frightened of the unknown, they were worried about the impending birth, for their future baby. … Read more

The 5 Main Principles of Conscious Conscious …

The approach to parenting has changed dramatically in the last ten years. We are not trying to keep our offspring in check with shame and threats, but we are trying to be respectful and listen to the needs of the child. This approach is called mindful parenting, and it has many pluses. Conscious parenting as … Read more

Do Your Kids Like Fast Food? You’re Not…

Nuggets, French fries, pizza and hot dogs – most kids would prefer any of this list to their mom’s soup. Parents explain that it’s all unhealthy, scare them and ban them, but does it help? It’s all adults’ fault. Let’s be honest. We ourselves have been “hooked” on fast food in recent years. In 2021, … Read more