How Do I Prepare My Child For Nursery School?

Even though we all love our children fanatically, there comes a time in almost every woman’s life when she starts to think about sending her beloved child to kindergarten. And there’s nothing wrong with that – the child has to develop, socialize with other children and learn to get along without his mother.

If your child is about to start going to kindergarten, it’s time to start thinking about preparations. Let’s leave permissions, contracts and medical examinations aside – in this article we will talk about how to prepare your child so that this unexpected change in his or her life goes as smoothly as possible.

How to prepare your child for kindergarten?

First of all, explain to your child what kindergarten is all about. Talk about how everyone should have their own job, talk about what your relatives and loved ones are doing and summarize: children’s job is to go to kindergarten.

Arrange your walking routes so that the child gets to see a group of children on a walk – they should enjoy the fun they have together. When your child is present, be happy to tell everyone that a new phase in their life is about to begin – that they have been accepted into kindergarten.

Tell your child that he/she will have to follow a routine in kindergarten. Ask in advance about the daily routine and try to get your child used to it. Be sure to make him happy that he will meet interesting children with whom he will make friends.

It is not bad if the child already knows the basic skills of self-service – knows how to dress, eat alone and “familiar” with not only the potty, and toilet. Of course, this all depends on the age of the child.

Teach your child to talk to the childminder about his or her needs. We mothers often know what our baby wants, even before he opens his mouth, but if he does not learn to ask for help in some matters, it can be a serious problem. Prepare him for the fact that he will not only be in the group, but not the most important – the attention and care must be received in equal shares with friends.

The child’s socialization in the group will be more successful if they know how to get to know each other, how to offer to play together and how to share toys – try to teach them these important skills.

Be aware that at first the child will be reluctant to part with their mother – learn to say goodbye calmly and don’t be led on by the child. Some people find it helpful to have a special ritual – kisses, hand waving, promises not to be bored, etc.

Allow your child to take its favorite toy with it to make it feel more at ease in a new environment and to help it cope better with being away from its beloved adults.

Remember that children are very sensitive to the mood of their parents – let the child see that you are friendly to the tutor, unconditionally comply with her requests and say goodbye to the child, trusting him to her care.

Don’t assume that a child who goes to kindergarten gets everything he or she needs. The teachers are the teachers, but your personal involvement has not been canceled – make sure you find time to talk to your child, find out how he is doing and play with him at his favorite game.

The moment your child starts kindergarten is a critical time, so don’t forget that your child needs a little more affection, warmth and involvement at this point. Hug and kiss your toddler more often!

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