Talking Heart To Heart: 50 Questions That Will Help You To Understand Your Child

Getting into the habit of talking to your child can be a great help to you as well. Answers to the right questions will help build trust and teach your child to express his thoughts and feelings. 

It’s important to get the wording of questions right – after all, asking “how are you”, for example, will probably be answered with a wave of “fine”. Check out our list of 50 questions that you can use as is, or you can use as a base for your own. The questions are suitable for different situations and different children – so when choosing, take into account the age of the child, their degree of “openness,” their temperament and the relevance to their circumstances and moods. 

1. What’s the most surprising thing for you? 

2. Which of your friends do you think I like best? Why? 

3. What is the ideal amount of pocket money for you and how would you use it? 

4. Tell me about your best teacher. 

5. If a genie allowed you to make only one wish come true, what would you choose and why? 

6. When you are sad, what lifts your spirits? 

7. Which of my punishments did you think was really unfair? Why? 

8. If you could change three things about yourself, what would they be? 

9. What do your friends lie about to their parents? 

10. What qualities should a good friend have? 

11. Tell me about your favorite toy you had when you were little. 

12. Tell me about an incident from your childhood that I don’t know about. 

13. If you were scared, what words of mine would comfort you? 

14. If you could decorate our house, what would it look like? 

15. Looking at your pictures, when do you think you were cutest? 

16. What do you think characterizes a good parent? 

17. What kind of sex education do you think children should receive at school? 

18. What joint activity or event in our family this year has been the most enjoyable for you? 

19. At what age do children fall in love? 

20. What do you think is behind the stars? 

21. What is the nicest thing your friend did for you? 

22. Name 2 things our family should definitely do at the weekend. 

23. Do children suffer from their parents’ divorce? 

24. Who do you think is the most dangerous child? Why?

25. Do you believe in heaven? If not, why not? If yes, how do you imagine it? 

26. If you wanted to get an unusual animal, who would it be? 

27. Is honesty always the best policy? Why yes and why no? 

28. What achievements in your studies, sports, etc. are you especially proud of? 

29. Which of your friends are you most proud of? Why? 

30. Have you ever had a dream that really frightened you? What was it about? 

31 Describe the most beautiful place you have ever visited. 

32. Have you ever described me to your friends? 

33. Has there been a real loss in your life? If yes, tell me about it. How did you feel? 

34. Do you think you live in a dangerous environment? Why? 

35. Apart from our religion, what other religion are you interested in? Why? 

36. What is the grossest (cruelest) thing you think (know) about? 

37. Which historical figure would you like to be? 

38. What is the right age for marriage? Why? 

39. Tell me three things you remember about kindergarten. 

40. Which kids are popular in your class? What makes a person popular? 

41. Have you ever been asked to try drugs? How did you react? 

42. If you found out your friend had stolen something, what would you do? 

43. If you could switch lives with someone, who would it be? 

44. Imagine that you would be the first person to meet an alien from outer space. How would you feel, say, ask? 

45. What would you do if you became invisible for a day? 

46. What are your earliest memories? 

47. Are you afraid of any of our neighbors? 

48. Have you ever had a dream that you have had over and over again? If so, describe it. 

49. Why don’t some people like animals? 

50. What would you do if you won a big sum of money in the lottery?

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