Tips For Raising Twins

Recently, few people are surprised by multiple pregnancies – some attribute these facts to the artificial in-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure, but medical statistics show a real increase in the percentage of twin births conceived naturally as well. There is even a whole theory that nature is using the increased standard of living of the world’s population to significantly increase our population.

The sight of twins evokes extremely positive emotions. Many people think that it is great happiness and only those who are looming real prospects to have twins, reflect on the fact that it is also a serious work.

Rules for the care of twins

Raising children in any case is not very easy, but to raise twins is doubly difficult. Let some simple, practical tips from the “old-timers” help you get your childcare right.

2 children – 2 parents. In modern society, caring for a newborn child usually falls entirely on the fragile shoulders of the mother, but everything changes when there are two children. The mother alone cannot cope with everything – in which case the father’s involvement is obligatory. The woman’s job is to convince her man of this before the birth – thankfully, the birth of twins rarely comes as a surprise.

2 children – 1 timetable. Try to “synchronize” the twins’ schedules from infancy. Feed them at the same time, put them to bed and take them out for a walk together. It is more difficult with bathing, because bathing 2 babies having only 2 hands is difficult enough. Or involve helpers or bathe one by one on different days for at least six months – then, when the kids learn to at least sit up independently, two hands will be enough.

2 children – 1 mother. In the primary education of twins, it is very important to avoid the complex “supermom” – do not try to do absolutely everything yourself. Do only what can be done only mum, leave the rest to the care of assistants – grandparents, concerned girlfriends and, of course, your spouse. If you can – hire a nanny, at least for the first time – otherwise you just won’t be enough for a long time.

2 children – two personalities. Even if you’re still struggling to tell your newborn twins apart, you shouldn’t dehumanize them. Dress in clothes of different shades, tie multicolored shoelaces, be sure to call them by name – so you contribute to the development of their individuality, the formation of an independent personality.

If you and your husband will become parents of twins, do not delay the prenatal preparation for a long time – as a rule, “twin babies” are in a hurry to come into the world, and therefore are often born early. And do not be afraid of difficulties – believe me, they all have young parents. All this will pass very quickly and be forgotten, but the double joy of such a life arrangement will remain for life.

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