What Will Baby’s First Toys Teach?

Today’s baby toys industry is so developed that it’s easy for parents to get confused: all sorts of rattles, hangers, mats, squeakers, development boards… It’s easy to buy something unnecessary, without noticing the really useful thing. However, there are children’s toys, which the baby can’t do. The first months of life are a time when … Read more

Dreams Come True: 3 Steps On The Road To Happ…

Why don’t dreams come true? Because mistakes are made in the mechanism of dreaming. Fix them soon and be happy!  Whoever said dreams don’t come true was an outright pessimist! Dreams do come true! But they are like a car, which first needs to start, then gain speed, accelerate, cover some distance and, finally, deliver … Read more

After Childbirth – 3 Attitudes That Pre…

The first year with a baby for one mother can be a blessing, and for another – an ordeal. Why does this happen and how can you cope with the stress?  Stress after childbirth and feeling close to a nervous breakdown or depression is largely provoked by our expectations of ourselves. Try to deal with … Read more

Why To Iron Bed Linen: 5 Reasons

It’s rare to find someone who enjoys ironing bed linen. It’s complicated, time-consuming and seemingly useless. But we’ve found five reasons why you should still go over freshly laundered sheets with an iron To iron or not to iron bedding is a rhetorical question and quite comparable to the philosophical ‘to be or not to … Read more

Money In The Family: 3 Financial Models Of A …

A household budget is a plan of your family’s incoming and outgoing money over a period of time, such as a month or a year. Many people spend their income without thinking about how to allocate their money so that it works for them.  Set aside a time when you and the other adults in … Read more

Cabbage: What Should You Do To Get Kids To Ea…

Cabbage is an indispensable product in the diet of children, especially those prone to allergies. It strengthens the immune system and contains a lot of useful vitamins and minerals. However, many children do not want to eat this vegetable for any reason. We have collected for you 10 tips on how to get your child … Read more

Relax: 10 Tips For Moms Who Feel Anxious All …

Mom is not indifferent – she is always worried about something. Concerns and fears about the baby just haunt every mother, because that’s how the maternal instinct works. Mom doesn’t always understand that your baby needs to learn to make decisions and overcome obstacles on his or her own. If your concern for your baby … Read more

8 Secrets Of Mothers With Many Children Who A…

They keep organizers and day planners  Only multilevel planners help you organize your whole family’s life and not miss anything. Inside, organizers can look like this:  The list should include both major to-do’s (daycare appointments, scheduled vaccinations, bill payments) and passive to-do’s (those that are not tied to specific dates). The latter can be done … Read more

15 Tips for Making Porridge for Kids

What could be easier than porridge? But for some people it turns out delicious and homogeneous, and for others it burns, boils, and turns into lumps. Some children make a sour face at the word “porridge,” while others – gobble it up in no time at all. Here are 15 tips on how not to … Read more

The 5 Most Common Mistakes Of Every Mother

Whatever it was our own childhood, becoming parents, we usually make a solemn vow to be the best mums in the world. Some tend to indulge all the whims of the baby, actively suggesting that it is – the center of the universe, some just “go crazy” in the right education, carefully dosing the children’s … Read more

Kids And Fast Food

Not all hamburgers are equally unhealthy, and not all granola bars are healthy. The world of children’s food is no longer as organized as it used to be. Kids are eating less and less at home. Only cereal and milk are threatened to be left of the traditional hearty breakfast. Teenagers almost never eat dinner … Read more