One Pregnancy For Two: A Memo For The Father-To-Be

Pregnancy and childbirth is a responsible period not only in a woman’s life, but also in a man’s. This is a time of joy, feelings, new discoveries and testing of your marital relationship. That will happen when the baby is born! And until it happens, you have time to adjust to parenthood, embrace the idea of parenthood and take part in the process of nurturing the baby. After all, a successful pregnancy – it’s the work of two, not just a woman.

Here’s what you can do to support mom and emotionally prepare for the birth of a baby:

Take her out on a date. Make a list of activities that you both enjoy. These can be walks in the park, going to theaters and movies, discussing books or trips out of town – anything that is easy for a pregnant woman to do physically and becomes a source of positive emotions together. Don’t forget to make time for dates in your work schedule.

Share her new habits. With the onset of pregnancy, a woman has to reconsider her lifestyle. Maybe she had to give up jogging in favor of yoga or replace fast food with fresh greens? Be in solidarity. Plus, it can be a great opportunity to resolve to change for the better if you’ve long wanted to get rid of bad habits.

Keep a sense of humor. Future moms often change their moods, and unpredictable desires and unexpected whims arise. This is normal! Do not react to her desire to eat chalk or herring milk with irritation. Try to treat it with humor and turn the situation into a joke – it can save you from conflicts and recriminations. The main thing is to joke in a kind and loving way, you remember how unstable her emotional background is.

Be a “stone wall”. In such an exciting period, such as pregnancy, it is especially important for a woman to feel the care of a loved one in matters of everyday life. Keep her company when going to the antenatal clinic, take care of buying groceries, cleaning the apartment. “This is too much!” – you thought? Think about the lengths your loved one has to go to in order to carry and give birth to a healthy baby.

Watch her nutrition. For the full development of the fetus and good health the pregnant woman must receive a full range of nutrients, and this is impossible without a balanced healthy diet. Make sure that your beloved did not miss taking vitamins for expectant mothers, which contain these nutrients in optimal doses for her situation.

Plan a trip to the hospital. Think about what transportation to take your wife to the facility of your choice when the “x” hour arrives. Keep your car filled up and your documents in a visible place in case labor comes unexpectedly.

Buy a large-sized crib for the baby. Of course, the mother chose the design of the crib and stroller model is the mother. Well, and your task – to buy, bring home and assemble or bring to work. In addition, the choice of some accessories is still up to you – car seats, for example.

Let her get some sleep. When carrying a baby, a woman needs more rest than ever. Especially when you consider that there will soon be a baby, and restful nights are likely to be rare. So buy your beloved a maternity pillow and make sure that the room is quiet and comfortable.

Prepare the apartment for the new member of the family. If your wife has developed “nesting syndrome” and she wants to make repairs or arrange a nursery now, support her in this endeavor and provide physical assistance.

Give her a foot massage. Weight gain affects a woman’s legs – they can swell and get tired quickly. Make your beloved happy – give her a warm foot bath, and then gently rub her feet. Choose a massage oil with a fragrance that your sensitive other half likes at the moment, because the preferences of expectant mothers are so fleeting!

Obviously, the worries of a caring father-to-be are no less than those of a mom. But it’s a pleasant hassle, because they are aimed at the most valuable thing – the happiness and health of your loved ones. And it doesn’t matter that one of them hasn’t been born yet, he already feels your love and is preparing to meet you in person!

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