Secrets Of Family Happiness

Starting a family is not easy. To everyone who wants to get married, the family seems to be a quiet, cozy haven where you can take a break from the worries and hardships that undoubtedly take place in the life of any person. In principle, this is how it is, if, of course, family relationships are built correctly.

In fact, it turns out that driving a family boat is not easy. In many respects, even because there is no way to do without outside help: there must be a good, cohesive team that can be entrusted with the most important thing in life. However, what could be more important than this team itself, whose name is family?

Simple secrets of family happiness

1. Create enduring family traditions. Traditions, of course, are different. One of them is to send each other Christmas cards, but after all, Christmas happens only once a year, and you need to communicate with loved ones much more often, and even more closely. When gathering for dinner, discard all strangers: turn off phones, computers and televisions, put away books and newspapers – let this time belong to the family. Spend it on finding out how your family’s day went – in important details.

2. Personal is untouchable. As a family, you should not forget that each of you is a separate person. Respect the personal time and opinion of others, otherwise, gradually, you will turn into Siamese twins, who bored each other all their lives before death. This may well become the reason for mutual reproaches a la “I gave you the best years of my life.”

3. Solve emerging problems. There are no problem-free relationships, but it is in your power to make them conflict-free. If something does not suit you – you should not be stoically silent and endure, it is better to inform, explain – and your partner will gladly meet you halfway. But you should never set conditions – after all, you do not love each other because it is “convenient” for you to exist side by side.

4. Organize your vacation properly. Nowadays, the ability to have a good rest with your family is rare, but this is a guarantee of maintaining friendly relations. Relax as varied as possible: go on hikes, to the cinema, to visit, walk around the city – the main thing is, do not let each other get bored.

5. Be attentive to each other. By being interested in each other’s affairs, you become closer and dearer. Embrace problems, work together to find solutions, offer your help, and of course, never forget to remind each other of how you value the relationship. Confess your love, thank you for your help, express admiration and pride – believe me, this is important.

6. Feel like a team. A sense of social belonging is one of the strongest human feelings. Use it in the family: share all everyday tasks between family members – now everyone has their own important role in creating family coziness and comfort. Help each other, but do not let the sly ones shirk, otherwise they will “break away”.

7. Don’t make your relationship asexual. Sex therapists are confident that a man and a woman should not forget about their roles: let the man’s work go to the man, and the woman’s to the woman. Flirt, compliment each other, and don’t neglect sex, even after years of marriage. Good sex is important not only for physical health, but also for emotional and even psychological health.

There is nothing more important than a reliable rear. Follow our tips – and your family will turn into that very quiet haven, which is not afraid of any storms.

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