How To Optimize Your Cleaning Time: An Effective Guide For Mums

Nothing is easier than turning your flat upside down in search of, for example, a suddenly disappearing baby toy that your little one loves so much. But the question is, how do you prevent yourself from resorting to such ‘archaeological’ methods?

To solve such an important question, check out the following tips to help you deal with clutter and create a cozy home environment, step by step. 

Lamp or lampshade 

Not only does it make your home cozier, but it also makes it harder to spot the imperfections on your ceiling: a grayish patina of dust, peeling paint, cracks from bad repairs… 

A plastic shoe covers

Does the on-call pediatrician at your local clinic take requests to change your shoes as a personal affront? In that case, it’s a good idea to always have a pair of plastic shoe covers on hand, like the ones you’re forced to put on your shoes in museums and hospitals. Ask your visitors to put them on, as it’s much easier than cleaning the floors when they leave. 

Valerian and other soothing remedies

If your kids have been with their dad all day, or even alone, and you’re dreading the journey home from work, take some valerian beforehand. Then any mess will seem like a creative mess to you. 

A Housekeeper

Just imagine: An energetic and agile woman will come into your home once or twice a week with her rags and tidy up the place. Meanwhile, you’ll take the whole family for a walk in the park, visit friends, go to the theater. 


If you are still not ready to hire a housekeeper, try to break down important household chores by days of the week and time of day. Write yourself reminders to do these things, and you won’t have much homework left over the weekend. 


It’s high time we replaced curtains and tulle, those dust collectors, with blinds! Just wipe those shiny, colorful slats with a cloth and no problem! Even better are blinds that are already fitted in the window: no need to wipe them down! 


Do your husband and kids hate housework? Make a note for them in the form of a pictograph or a puzzle. 

A Game

Is a good way to teach your little ones to tidy up. Imagine you are two rival tribes from a fairy tale you and your child have recently read. The quicker you can “clean up” your mess, the better for the grand prize… 


Everything that is lying on the floor and other surfaces should be hanging on the walls. You’ll find hooks for things around your flat, like your kid’s knapsack, your dad’s hat, your keys, your bathrobe… You have no idea how much room that’ll give you!

Sheets of papers

Lay them out on tall cupboards and shelves so you don’t have to climb up a stepladder to wipe off the dust every time. Rolling up the paper and laying down a new one will suffice. 

A bag

You have exactly one minute left to get your flat in order. Unrealistic? Yes, it is! Rummage around and toss everything that’s lying around in a bag. That’s it. And then you can sort it all out later. 

A Stick

You have no idea how versatile it is. No, no, I don’t mean to chase lazy housemates around the flat with it (although that’s not out of the question). A good long stick will be useful in order to get things rolled up from under the bed, to sweep up the cobwebs in hard-to-reach corners, to block off areas where cleaning is not completed, to move boxes on the mezzanine. 

Cleaning timetable

If you can’t stop your family from arguing about whose turn it is to vacuum the carpets, it’s time to remember your childhood days at school and draw up a rota for when it’s time to clean the house. From each according to their abilities: A 4-year-old toddler will put the toys in a drawer by himself, while older children and his husband can take a more active part in cleaning. 

Or you can create a timetable with all the artistic tricks you are capable of. 

A Super helper 

A hoover, a colorful dust broom and other household gadgets. Buy whatever you can afford. Nothing humbles the modern woman more than a clattering bucket and a rag made from old knickers. Make the cleaning process aesthetic!


Why dip your pretty silk dressing gowns in a basin of water? Get yourself a functional and stylish cleaning outfit that your neighbor would envy if she spotted you scrubbing the floor. 

Time is money 

Instead of hanging out in the nursery doorway and saying in a nasty voice: “Okay, I’m counting to three! If you don’t put your toys away…” – Get your kids a cute timer. Even toddlers who don’t understand the clock can be guided by it. 

Cleaning products

Household chemicals are one of the most helpful advances! Try out all kinds of new cleaning products regularly. It’s hard to believe, but they do include products that make stains disappear forever and leave a long-lasting shine. Remember that all-rounders and 2-in-1 detergents are always preferable to conventional products.  So, buy those cleansers, sponges and cloths that can clean the widest range of surfaces.

Candy wrappers 

There’s plenty of them in any home with children. Remember how we used to make bracelets and bookmarks out of them when we were kids. Teach this simple art to your children and you’ll never have to rake piles of colored wrappers out of all the cracks of the flat again! T


The nose is the greatest guide to finding out if your flat is really tidy. Everything may be where it belongs, but the smell of dust or burnt cutlets spoils the whole impression. If that happens all the time, we suggest you get an air purifier…

Air Purifier

It’s fantastic – the dust flies to it! You just need to wash the surfaces from time to time. Models and prices vary a lot. Particularly indispensable if you have allergies. 

Flowers in pots – They create an oasis-like atmosphere in your home. But only if their leaves aren’t covered in dust. And the more you spray them, the less you have to wash them (which is really time-consuming). 

A brush

Put a pretty brush on the side of the sink. If you and your housemates brush the sink a couple of times after every wash, it won’t get dirty and will always sparkle. 

A Sense of humor 

It’s amazing how laughter can sometimes be the best way to deal with clutter. Think about it: Children’s slippers that somehow ended up on the table are a cause for frustration, aren’t they? On the contrary, it’s a pretty picture that perfectly illustrates all the pleasures of childhood, which just happens to fly by in the blink of an eye. 

You don’t live to waste precious time on cleaning, washing, ironing and other domestic chores, which, one way or another, sooner or later, without too much haste, or even by themselves, but will be resolved. And there is no need to stick to the “here and now” principle. 

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