Sex During Pregnancy

The period of pregnancy is traditionally associated with reduced physical activity and exertion, but this does not apply to all areas of life. We should not forget that for many people, pregnancy is the best time for sensual pleasures.

It’s no secret that sex during pregnancy brings more intense feelings, because the restructuring of the female body causes blood to rush to the pelvis, and the genitals become overly sensitive.

And given that female sexuality develops gradually, it is not uncommon for a woman to have her first orgasm during this happy period.

Technical features of sex during pregnancy

During sex, especially in the middle and late term, a couple will have to take into account the delicate female position. Here are some general recommendations developed by gynecologists:

While having traditional sex, the couple should not forget that pressure on the woman’s abdomen is completely avoided – they will have to choose positions that are comfortable for the woman. In addition, it is also worth remembering that the uterus with the fetus is located somewhat below its normal position – it is advisable to limit the depth of penetration.

Anal sex during pregnancy is characterised by a significant reduction in painful sensations. This is due to the increased elasticity of the tissues. However, many gynecologists recommend tightening control over the hygiene of the process, or even refraining from such pleasures, as there is always a risk of infection of the vaginal microflora with foreign microorganisms.

During pregnancy, women have every chance to enjoy oral sex – a sensitive clitoris is a hundred times more enjoyable, giving you a whole firework of positive emotions. Just do not neglect to choose a comfortable position, or all the pleasure will come to naught.

Sexual inhibitions during pregnancy

In intimate life, there is only one rule: everything that is done by mutual consent and brings mutual pleasure is allowed and welcomed. During pregnancy this rule is not abolished, but the woman must carefully monitor her sensations and if there is the slightest concern, respond accordingly, and the man must be able to stop in time. There are, however, two other things that are essential for a sexually active couple:

The use of a vibrator is strictly forbidden during pregnancy. The vibrating process can have a detrimental effect on the tone of the uterine muscles. In some cases, it can even be a threat of miscarriage.

At the end of the “distance” – meaning the last 2 weeks of pregnancy – it is best to abstain from sex. The contraction of the uterus may well trigger the onset of labor.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in the life of a couple. This is a great opportunity to get to know each other better and learn to give your partner an incomparable pleasure. In addition, the character of your unborn child depends to a large extent on how happily you go through this time.

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