The Main Causes Of Divorce

When planning a wedding and dreaming of a happy family life, many people do not even realize that about half of those who get married are certain to get divorced. It seems that all bad things, including divorce, can happen to anyone, but not to you – happy and in love, and yet, it turns out that love is not the main basis of family well-being.

To paraphrase the great writer, we can say that all happy families are created for one reason, and collapse – for many. However, do not despair, because he who is forewarned is forearmed. Take a closer look at this list of the top reasons for divorce – perhaps it will help you steer the right course and keep your family together.

The root causes of divorce as seen by women

No matter who initiated the divorce – two people are always to blame for the breakup, and often these two have different views of the situation. Women provide a long list of reasons for the collapse of family relationships.

A noticeable drop in the man’s affection after the birth of a child. The birth of a child is a real challenge for a young family. And, alas, very few people, once they become parents, do not stop being a couple in love.

Putting their own interests above those of the family. Not every woman is ready to do the housework, laundry, cooking, ironing and other women’s “activities” while her husband is out fishing with friends.

Man cheating. Many men mistakenly believe that their higher mission is to regularly woo new women, rather than day after day to re-love the one that was once chosen.

Lack of attention. A Japanese proverb says that you don’t feed a caught fish – the same is true of some men, apparently completely unfamiliar with the art of keeping a home aquarium.

Decline in sexual tension. Life, career and habit, at times, can completely displace the sexual “electricity” from the life of a couple, and yet sex is a very important aspect of married life.

Irreconcilable contradictions. Under this vague phrase, as a rule, hides a very bad relationship trend – unwillingness of the spouses to meet each other.

The main cause of divorce through the eyes of men

Men, ingenious in their brevity, single out just one main reason for the breakdown of family relationships – boredom. It is she who becomes the alpha and omega of all women’s ills from the previous list. Deciphering such a succinct notion, men point to addiction:

  • To the appearance of the wife;
  • To the rituals of married life;
  • To the routine sex turned into a marital duty;
  • Total predictability.

Having analyzed all of the above, it is safe to say that in both cases, routine is killing the marriage. And that’s not surprising. Many fairy tales end with the wedding of the prince and princess, in life, with the wedding everything just begins. Only those who clearly understand that marriage is hard work, mainly aimed at finding a compromise between the interests of the halves of the couple live happily ever after.

It is my deep conviction that the preservation of the family home is a woman’s responsibility to a greater extent, so we should not rest on our laurels when we get a ring on the ring finger of our right hand. Everything is in our hands and we should never let them down,” said Coco Chanel, and she is to be believed.

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