Sleeping Positions For Different Gestational …

Sleeping peacefully and comfortably during pregnancy is just as important for the baby’s development and the mother’s health as physical activity and a good diet. We are all well aware by now that for a comfortable and restful sleep a few rules need to be followed – fresh cool air in the room, a comfortable … Read more

What To Chew To Strengthen Your Teeth

Keeping your teeth healthy requires more than just good dental hygiene – it also means eating the right foods. Here’s what our teeth’s enemies and friends are to chew on.  What’s good for your teeth The best friends of teeth are fluoride and calcium. Sources of fluoride include fish (mackerel, pollack, cod, salmon, flounder and … Read more

5 Happiness Hormones: Where You Can Find Them

Do you want to experience happiness, love and joy every day and many times? All in your hands! The happiness hormone is in each of us, and not even one.  The art of being happy isn’t that hard to master. Even nature herself has taken care of it by giving us the happiness hormone. Did … Read more

10 Early Signs Of Autism In A Child: How Not …

How to understand that your child has autism? Pay attention to the baby’s behavior! If it has some of the features described in this material, it is a signal to consult a specialist! Autism is a mental disorder in which a person is more immersed in their own world than in the world around them. … Read more

Why Child Shouldn’t Start Walk Too Earl…

Your child’s individual pace of development Mums, we are so different! We include tall brunettes, lush blondes and small, fragile women with fiery red hair. And the above does not embarrass us in the slightest. Why do we sometimes forget that such different mothers have such different babies? Child Development: all under one roof? Often … Read more

Seasonal Allergies In A Child: How To Protect…

Pollinosis is a frequent spring and summer ailment. How can you protect yourself and your child? Modern medical technology and even gadgets can help. With the arrival of spring, some of us begin to suffer from the seasonal symptoms of allergies, such as runny nose, sneezing, lacrimation, itching in the nose and eyes. These are … Read more

How To Build A Relationship With Your Ex-Husb…

Alas, it is not always possible to preserve love and respect, even in a legal marriage. Everything that happens between spouses is bound to leave its mark. There is something to be proud of and something that arouses nothing but disdain and contempt. The good emotions pile up into one cup, the bad into another. … Read more

Allergies In Children

Surprisingly, spring is not a cause for joy for everyone. Many children and adults suffer from allergies to flowers, or pollinosis. It turns out that in addition to medication, the course of a child’s allergies can be affected by therapeutic nutrition. Pollen allergy is an allergy to pollen, from which it is virtually impossible to … Read more

Peculiarities Of Raising A Left-Handed Child

Children are born totally different: some are born with funny curls, and some are born bald even though they belong to the female sex. In addition, they have different eye colors and many more cute individual features. And they all develop differently too, so it’s nothing to worry about if your baby doesn’t do exactly … Read more

Weather Sensitive Children

More than half of children under 5 years of age suffer from fluctuations in pressure and other vagaries of the atmosphere when the weather changes. They have different manifestations of meteo sensitivity, most often the child becomes lethargic and irritable, refuses to eat, asks for pens, and older children complain of headaches, dizziness and chills. … Read more

Post COVID Syndrome In Children

Infectious disease specialist tells parents what to beware. An American infectious disease specialist has spoken about the symptoms of post-Coronavirus syndrome in children. Source: Freepik post covid syndrome is associated with unusual fatigue or headaches that occur in the months after recovery. Statistically, the risk of postcoid syndrome in children is fortunately lower than in … Read more