Do You Want A Baby Girl?

If you want to have a girl – watch your man’s weight!

Chinese scientists conducted a study, the results of which showed that overweight men are more likely to give birth to boys. Therefore, if you dream of becoming parents of a girl, your man needs to carefully monitor his weight and lose weight if he is overweight.

Excess weight in a man does not affect the probability of conception in general, but it has a certain influence on the sex of the unborn child.

This study may seem strange to many, but recently scientists have increasingly linked various factors that in one way or another affect the conception of a boy or girl – from stress to folk superstitions.

However, this time the study of Chinese scientists was conducted not only with the participation of pregnant women (as all previous ones), but also with the active participation of men. Experts studied 8.5 thousand couples undergoing infertility treatment. All future parents were interested in whether the weight of the future father affects the formation of the sex of the unborn child.

According to statistics, more boys are born in the world than girls. But the study also found that slim and even thin men gave birth to 611 boys and 569 girls – this figure corresponds to the traditional coefficient. But overweight men were 27% more likely to have boys, and scientists attribute this feature to the weight of the parents.

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