Childbirth Is Coming Soon: Let’s Set Ourselves Up Positively!

Do not forget that all your worries and stressful situations are a reaction to the novelty of your situation. Moms who already have kids with humor recall their pregnancy experiences. At the time they as well as you are now frightened of the unknown, they were worried about the impending birth, for their future baby. But after a while every mother realizes that they were just anxious about the beginning of a new, unknown life for them, and there is nothing wrong with that. Tune in to a positive, optimistic look to the future will help you with special “mantras”. At first sight they are simple, but there is a deep meaning in them.

You really do not like the long wait, it seems that the birth is so far away! In fact, you won’t even notice how quickly the time flies by.

Pregnancy is a time when any contribution to your health and well-being is a contribution to your baby’s future. Allow yourself things that you’ve denied yourself before because of other priorities. This also applies to good emotional well-being, so be sure to allow yourself things that make you feel good: shopping, vacations, etc. Remember that pregnancy does not contradict visiting a beauty salon and using the services of a beautician who knows how to work with expectant mothers and takes into account all the nuances of their condition. A good haircut, a massage, skin care or waxing – allow yourself these pleasures. 

Don’t limit your imagination to the rigors of “reality.” Thought is material, and if you like to dream in reality about a golden-chested baby, about magical journeys – go ahead! Creative flight of fancy – and it’s self-psychotherapy, and fun. And also draw, sculpt, sew, felting – you can discover your most extraordinary talents! Even the most extraordinary beauties rarely get as much attention from loved ones and acquaintances as pregnant women. Enjoy your situation, let yourself be pampered, protected and cared for. You have a right to it, and it is very nice. By the way, it’s time to make your spouse more responsible for your future together. Take advantage of his enthusiasm, let him feel like a master in the house, taking care of you and your future baby. Learn to ask for help, do not try to do what your husband can handle himself. Celebrate the changes that are happening in your relationship with your beloved husband and the baby’s daddy-to-be. Enjoy how you are becoming not just partners and lovers, but one. If before your spouse did not join you in matters of repair or shopping, now he can be motivated by the interests of the child: the future father is an important environment in which the baby will grow up. Before the miracle of the birth of a new life usually all the conflicts in the family pass away. And the baby has a unique ability to soften the hearts of grandparents, even if they were originally hostile. Remember that you are about to witness a miracle. Even if you’ve been living paycheck to paycheck, and haven’t given much thought to keeping a budget, now it’s time to start doing your homework. Think of it as a new experience.             

You’ll be surprised how satisfying it is to get your affairs in order, to calculate your income and expenses. Well, for those who are not new to it, it will still be fun, because the new items of expenditure, though limiting entertainment and other pleasures, help set the mood for the baby, and buying tiny things cause indescribable emotions. The day of the birth your body knows what, when and how it should happen, don’t lose contact with your baby and stay in touch. As famous obstetrician Michelle Auden says, babies are like apples on an apple tree – each one will ripen at its due date. Be guided not so much by the date given to you in the consultation, but by your feeling that everything is going your way. Tell your baby, “I’ll see you when you’re ready to come into the world.” Your intuition will help you understand what is best for you and your baby, and make the right choice of obstetrician, maternity hospital and birth plan. Explore your options, consider your doctor’s recommendations if he or she thinks it is necessary to take precautions and go to a specialized birth center. Listen to yourself, what would you most like: an attentive midwife, reliable medical support, the presence of your husband. Do not get hung up on your plans: if circumstances require medical assistance, although you focus on natural childbirth, remember: it is not a tragedy of a lifetime. The main thing is that the baby is safe. 

Despite the fact that many books are written about the care of the newborn, in real life it is your psychological attitude towards the baby that plays the most important role. Mother Nature has made sure that everything goes well: during the birth a woman’s body starts a hormonal reaction that forms attachment and love, and breastfeeding helps to strengthen your bond with your baby. Remember that your baby already loves you. When he is born, there is a mother-baby tandem. Your baby will definitely let you know what he needs, and you will quickly learn to understand him even without words.

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