Mom’s Guide: Top 10 Tips for the First Year

Being a mom today is more difficult than it was many years ago. Yes, of course, modern devices, which our ancestors did not have, make everyday life easier, but the emotional burden has increased significantly in the age of the Internet and showing photos of successful parents. It seems that no matter what you do, it will end up being a mistake? We asked seasoned moms to share their experiences and wisdom with first-time moms. And here’s what we were able to find out…

  1. Infant sleep can be far from ideal. Infant sleep is one of the most puzzling problems young moms and dads face. Sleepless nights turn us into zombies, but the baby is awake and happy. What are we doing wrong? In fact, a baby who wakes up every hour of the night to wiggle his or her feet, eat, and demand attention is the norm. In total, a newborn baby can sleep up to 20 hours a night. Try to nap during your baby’s longer sleep and remember that the day/night switch is temporary. As your baby’s brain and central nervous system matures, nighttime sleep cycles will become longer.
  1. A baby does not need perfect silence. Don’t think you need to whisper quietly or tiptoe around a sleeping newborn. The baby has spent nine months in the womb – it’s not at all as quiet as it seems. The sounds of mom’s heartbeat, the digestive system working are actually quite loud. Many newborns sleep better surrounded by some sort of repetitive sound, like from a fan running, it’s called “white noise.” When the baby outgrows the newborn phase and becomes more inquisitive, the ability to sleep in all conditions will gradually be lost. Then noise and other distractions will matter, and there may be a need to tiptoe around the house. But not necessarily.
  2. A baby doesn’t need a lot of clothes. When the baby is wanted and long awaited, it’s especially hard to turn down a purchase while contemplating a perfectly tailored baby outfit in a store window. But let’s take our minds off the vanilla thoughts for a second. A baby in their first year of life only needs about 10 things. Of course, that’s not a one-size-fits-all figure. You can pick up trends more carefully, dress your baby in new outfits every season, but he actually needs very few clothes at all.
  1. He doesn’t need your undivided attention 24/7. If you feel like taking a brief dip into the world of social media or getting a face mask, don’t deny yourself that. It’s okay. You don’t have to worry if you leave your baby alone in the crib for a while. If he is not threatened by anything, he feels good and calm – your constant presence at the side is not necessary. Moreover, the opportunity to take care of personal matters is necessary to distract and “reset”.
  2. You will remember this time with nostalgia. It’s in the first year of motherhood that it seems like the sleepless nights and worrying about the baby “will never end.” Then you suddenly blink and you’re already celebrating your baby’s first birthday. “Wow, that was fast!” – you think and can’t believe your baby is already walking on his or her own. It’s hard to imagine, but there will come a moment when you will seriously long for those tender times.
  1. This type of feeding is not a reason to beat yourself up. Of course, breastfeeding is the best option for babies in their first months of life. But if something did not work, or there are other reasons why you switched to artificial feeding, no need to torment yourself with worry. And vice versa – do not take to heart comments such as: “Will you breastfeed until school?”, from people who learned that a two-year-old is still attached to your breast. The main thing is to provide yourself and your baby with a full range of essential nutrients. If you are breastfeeding – take vitamins for nursing mothers. If the baby gets a formula – choose the version with the best composition for full development.
  2. Parents should also rest. On the plane in case of depressurization of the cabin oxygen mask is necessary to provide themselves, and then the baby. There is nothing wrong with going on a date with her husband, and leaving the baby with his grandmother for a couple of hours. Every parent needs a little “escape” from time to time. And if you’ve properly instructed your grandmother, provided a supply of food for the baby, you shouldn’t feel guilty.
  1. Your mom is sometimes right. Yes, sometimes the older generation goes overboard and gives unsolicited advice. But if you’re facing a problem, it’s worth asking your own mom for advice. After all, in the past, child care was based on personal experience, not on tips from the Internet, and it worked! The experience of generations deserves attention, so sometimes it’s worth listening to it.
  2. Cramps, diaper rash and constipation are no reason to panic. Most babies face these troubles, so do not get depressed if the baby is worried about his tummy or reddened skin under the diaper. Find the cause of the problem and fix it, see a doctor for a consultation, and pack a first aid kit to help your baby cope quickly.
  3. Mom and Dad are a team. Don’t try to shield your husband from taking care of the baby just because he has to work tomorrow and you don’t. Taking care of the baby is an equally important and energy-consuming responsibility. Make a list of things your spouse can help with, and support his or her initiatives in caring for the baby.

Until you go through the “baptism of fire,” you may be burdened by some of the moments of motherhood. Remember, though, everything is scattered, both sad and joyful, but you’re sure to have only fond memories of this troublesome period of your baby’s development! He is incredible, and he is your baby! Enjoy every day you spend with him!

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