One Child In The Family – How Not To Raise An Egomaniac

There is a joke that everyone thinks they know about politics, football and parenting. In these areas, supposedly, nothing at all complicated, but it is not so. As parents we are surprised to realize that we have very little idea how to raise our child to be intelligent, responsive, polite, brave, etc. Badly brought up children are a real punishment, but few parents get it undeservedly.

It is believed that it is most difficult to bring up an only child – such children grow up in an exceptional environment, and therefore grow up to be selfish. It is difficult to put official statistics under this statement, as any situation can be corrected.

Peculiarities of raising an only child

A child needs socialization. Of course, when a family has a child, he necessarily becomes the center of the universe. Often in the care of his grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. Even if everyone is prepared to give up work and devote themselves to raising the child, the child still needs a kindergarten, because it’s a place where he or she can be part of society and not the center of the world. Socializing with peers is a great opportunity to learn equal rights.

Your child needs friends. Even if you are always there for your child, he/she needs peer friends. Close and close contact with peers is a big part of shaping a young person’s personality. Nurturing friendships is one of the most effective levers. In this way, the child learns to share, to give in, to empathize. Be prepared for conflicts, but don’t try to solve them for your child. Your voice is consultative and your child will have to act on his/her own.

Does your child want a pet? Meet his or her needs! There comes a time in every child’s life when they really want a pet. You don’t need to resist this desire, but before you do you need to explain to your child that a pet is not a toy and that taking care of it will be part of your child’s life from now on. Socializing with animals has a positive effect on the education of children, because it teaches them responsibility, which is incompatible with selfishness.

Don’t indulge every whim. It’s a real treat to have your baby’s wishes fulfilled, especially if his wishes are in line with what you can afford. But be reasonable, otherwise the baby will never learn to be patient, negotiate and go to the goal through obstacles. Yes, and rejoice in the frequent fulfillment of his desires, he will be much less.

Teach him to be a family man. The feeling of a strong family, where everyone loves and respects each other, has a very positive effect on the education of the child. Make your child proud of the family history, help grandmothers, take care of siblings – children immersed in such an atmosphere from a tender age simply do not know how to be selfish.

When raising a child, especially an only child, it is sometimes very difficult to strike a balance between boundless love and direct parenting. Be aware of the boundaries and be attentive to your child and then you will always have a reason to be proud of your child.

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