My Husband, My Girlfriend And I

Men may smile indulgently into their mustaches, but female friendship does exist. Real, faithful, strong, tested by holidays in exotic countries, by going to the same university and by the best-looking young man in the company. But she, alas, very rarely passes the most important test – the test of family. This does not mean that it disappears – in some cases it simply transforms.

A woman’s priorities change completely when she has a family. Sometimes so radically and unexpectedly that she does not have time to fully comprehend them herself. The relationship with the girlfriend also changes, of course. Let’s look at three scenarios.

Scenario 1. Me, my husband and my single girlfriend

This scenario is doomed to fail in most cases. And for several reasons at once.

Over time, the changes in the interests of married and unmarried women become more and more apparent. Gone are the bachelor parties, the crazy selfish shopping, talking about men, etc. It’s not surprising that in someone who encourages you to be frivolous, your husband will see you as a threat.

Your girlfriend is a charmer herself. She understands you and her husband likes her – be careful! Such a group has every chance of becoming a quality love triangle. Although the probability here, of course, is 50% – either it will happen or it won’t.

It is also possible that your friend’s husband simply do not like her, especially if she considers it possible to spend most of their free time in your company and pry into family matters – so she makes the relationship uncomfortable and violates your sovereignty.

Scenario 2. Me, my husband and my married girlfriend

This scenario, in my opinion, is more optimistic, although it also has its pitfalls.

If the girlfriend married badly, then your family may have new responsibilities: comforting the girlfriend, admonishing her husband, taking care of their children from time to time, etc. Otherwise, you will immediately become “indifferent critters” and go on a long list of people unworthy of her attention.

If your friend married well (i.e. for love and good financial calculation), then your husband can only be sympathetic. I can already see you on his shoulder “celebrating” the fact that your girlfriend’s husband bought her a new fur coat or gives her flowers every day for no reason. Amidst such pictorial happiness, your successful marriage doesn’t look so bright. At least in the eyes of his girlfriend, and whether it can be allowed?

If both you and your girlfriend and your husbands show wisdom, such a group has every chance of becoming great company and “being friends at home” for a long time. And I assure you, you don’t have to see these situations as exceptions to the rule – they happen quite often to people who cherish each other.

Scenario 3. Me, my husband and my vampire girlfriend

Women love other people’s problems. They look for them in soap operas, social media and, of course, in the lives of their loved ones. Vampire girlfriends at first glance seem very attentive and caring, but the danger of the situation is that they, asking you about the details of the quarrel with her husband, not only make you relive the bad moments again, but also form your back “support group. This is not fair to your husband, at the very least, because you can’t let other people in on a personal conflict.

All this does not mean that by getting married, you have to say goodbye to your best friend. Be wise and don’t let anyone manipulate you – perhaps that is the secret of a good relationship with your loved ones.

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