How To Design A Comfortable Kitchen On A Budget: 6 Important Rules

A beautiful and comfortable kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive. Here’s how not to overpay and get the interior of your dreams.

Invest in a long-lasting style

One of the rules of thrifting is not to chase after transient trends that could turn out to be irrelevant in a couple of seasons. In any design trend, there are such examples: bright colors, unusual shapes, eclectic combinations of prints. Of course, all this makes an interior stand out and fashionable, but if you’re not prepared to spend a year on renovating an outdated space, reject the idea. From an investment point of view, it’s better to stick with a style that will last you for at least a few years. The most popular choices are neoclassical, Scandinavian, country, and contemporary. They are versatile and adaptable enough to fit even the smallest kitchens and budgets.

Create a bespoke project

It would seem that this is an unnecessary expense rather than a savings. But the point is this: bespoke kitchen planning makes it easy to see exactly what you need and what you don’t. This applies to the furniture, and its filling, and fittings, and even appliances. Moreover, the individual project allows you to plan everything as conveniently as possible and even with a modest budget to get a comfortable space to work in.

It is worth understanding that to design the kitchen of your dreams you do not necessarily need to go to a designer. You only need to have a rough idea of what and where it will be, and then you can take advantage of online services, such as those available on the Leroy Merlin website. Not ready to do it yourself? You can draw up a plan together with a consultant in-store or online via video link.

Don’t forget the working triangle

An important principle to keep in mind in any kitchen: create a comfortable working triangle. What is it? It is the positioning of the fridge, cooker and sink so that they are a comfortable distance apart. If you draw a visual line between them, you get a triangle. The more “right” it is, the easier it is to work in the kitchen. A classic solution: the sink in the corner with the refrigerator and cooker on both sides. There should be an empty worktop next to the fridge for defrosting and another next to the cooker for chopping. This arrangement is considered ideal; it’s the most ergonomic and convenient.

Avoid unnecessary décor

Simplicity and convenience are in vogue and unnecessary ‘ornaments’ on fronts or appliances are rather anti-trend. In addition, they often eat into your budget and so it’s best to avoid decorating your kitchen with extra space. Laconic fronts without fittings look great. They’re suitable for small spaces. And they’re easier to clean because you don’t need to spend time cleaning fancy handles.

And a little more about fronts. Look closely at how you kit out your kitchen cabinets. With bespoke projects, you get a solution that can’t be altered. A bespoke kitchen is a kit of universal floor-standing and wall-hung units with a wide range of fronts. If you get bored with the look of your kitchen after a few years, you can simply change the fronts. So you get an updated kitchen for around a third of the cost. 

Think about the list of appliances you need

A classic fitted kitchen is not always the benchmark to aim for. For example, if you live alone and rarely eat out, why bother with a big cooker that costs more? A small, two-burner or three-burner model would make more sense. It would not only save you money, but also space. It’s the same with ovens: assess your culinary needs, trying to decide whether you really need that kind of appliance, or just want it for show? Try to avoid stereotypes and make a list of what you really need, based on your habits and lifestyle

Choose affordable brands

It’s no secret that there are more ‘hyped’ brands on the market whose range can be more expensive. Look for companies in your city that offer kitchen solutions in a price range you’re comfortable with. Cheaper doesn’t always mean lower quality (and sometimes it’s the other way around). And the world of affordable kitchen furniture will open up because you’ll find reviews, reviews and read the formulas.

And at the same time – get a chance to get the kitchen of your dreams according to an individual project. 

Beautiful, isn’t it?

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