Tips For Pregnant Dads

Honey, we’re having a baby! – is a phrase that always stirs up a storm of emotions. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sudden or planned, what’s important is that at that moment, the man realizes that his life will never be the same again. And he’s right – life finally and irrevocably changes.

Change is always unsettling, especially one that brings with it the realization that someone else’s life, health and well-being depend on you from now and forever. There is no doubt that the news of parenthood is the most exciting news in a man’s life. But don’t forget that you are not the main character in the story. Your wife is forming a new life in herself, and this process cannot be called particularly comfortable.

Perhaps a few practical tips to help you navigate how to behave in this difficult situation:

A kind word to the cat. Even if pregnancy is easy, the birth of a new life can not go completely unnoticed – the woman changes hormones, she feels that she is about to stop controlling her emotions. And later in life, your legs and back will also start to swell. It’s a good idea to be compassionate and understanding.

Calm, only calm. The vagaries of pregnancy have long entered into the legends, but you should understand that the woman of her wild desires do not bring more pleasure than you.

Pregnancy makes a woman beautiful. In most cases, it does. And even if your beloved has swollen feet and changed gait, you still have to keep her “fighting spirit”. A woman, in a sense, is “fueled” by compliments. 

Knowing that she is beautiful, she can move mountains!

Get involved in the process. Going to the antenatal clinic together brings you closer and gives the woman confidence that she is giving birth to the right person. And be sure to go together to an ultrasound – the baby’s heartbeat will make a lasting impression on you.

Weave the nest. You’ve probably heard that during pregnancy women have a heightened nesting instinct – which is why your favorite climbs to put things in order on the mezzanine and dreams of repair. Do your part and be sure to prepare for the birth of a baby financially, because in order to be morally stable, you need to be financially secure.

Take more walks together. Pregnant women are encouraged to walk in the fresh air – walk together with his wife. Such walks – not only a great holiday, but also a universal opportunity to get closer, to discuss important issues, and make plans for the future.

Take over some of the household chores. Overexertion and lifting weights are not the best companions of pregnancy. Do not wait in this period of beloved cooking masterpieces and marathon races in grocery shops – take it on yourself.

Communicate with your baby. There’s nothing weird about singing songs to your unborn baby, especially since you’ve already met him or her at the ultrasound. In the evenings, rubbing in a growing belly favorite stretch mark cream, you can whisper a few words to your baby.

It’s just beginning. Many men, who send their wife to the hospital, believe that the difficult period in their lives is over, and now they certainly can relax. Naive… It’s only just beginning!

Pregnancy is a difficult and wonderful time, and, perhaps, only men, fully immersed in it, can truly feel the joy of being a father. Congratulations, dads!

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