The 6 Petals Diet: For Mums Who Want To Be In Shape

The 6 Petals diet, developed by Swedish nutritionist Anna Johansson, is considered to be very effective. If you follow it methodically, you can get rid of 3 to 5 kilos of extra weight in 6 days. What are the special features?

One of the benefits of the Six Petals Diet is its outwardly playful form. You need to make a flower with six petals, each one representing one day of the diet. Write the menu for the day on each petal. As you tear off the petals day by day, you will see the result of your efforts. In addition to what your mirror shows.

The petals must be torn in a clockwise direction and the sequence must not be changed – this is key to achieving results.

How the 6 petals diet works

Each day is a mono-diet, the products change daily. It is very important to comply with the rule: nothing but the specified product may be eaten on this day! In contrast to conventional mono-diet, when a long, up to a week long diet is built on a product of one class, in the “6 Petals” carbohydrate products alternate with protein products. The diet is based on vegetables, cereals, meat, fish, cottage cheese and fruit, so it may well be called a balanced diet. Essentially, your body will get all the nutrients it needs.

The consumption of subcutaneous fat will stimulate a daily monotonous menu. But changing a product every day will prevent it from storing energy from the calories it receives. 

Approximately 500 to 800 grams can be lost each day, although this figure is individual. Don’t be upset if your weight stagnates in the first couple of days. 

The first result may appear in the middle of a diet, and the scale will show at once minus 2-2,5 kg. Further weight loss will be gradual, about 500 grams a day.

The first petal is a fish day. Up to 500 g of boiled fish may be eaten. The time of the meal does not matter. The second petal is a vegetable day. You take green vegetables, white cabbage and cauliflower, courgette, tomatoes and pumpkin – 1500 g (you can choose one vegetable or several varieties of vegetables).

The second petal is a vegetable day. Choose green vegetables, white and cauliflower cabbage, courgettes, tomatoes, pumpkin – 1500 g (you can choose one vegetable or several varieties of vegetables). 

Third petal – 500 g of chicken filet in portions throughout the day.

The fourth petal is a cereal day: grits or different cereals, no more than 200 g. The best choices are wild rice, buckwheat and millet. 

Fifth petal – cottage cheese day: 500 g of medium-fat cottage cheese for the day. 

The sixth petal is a fruit day: 1500 g of non-starchy fruit: apples, plums, apricots and so on. How to prepare the food for each day of the diet is very simple. Fish and meat must be boiled. The cottage cheese is plain, fresh, without sugar and additional fillers. Sugar and sweeteners are forbidden! Vegetables should be baked, boiled or grilled.

The cereal day is all about porridge. What’s particularly nice is that they can be lightly salted. Fruit – fresh or baked. Baked apples are particularly good for satisfying hunger. As for drinks, you can drink non-carbonated water without restrictions, and twice a day you can drink weak tea without sugar: herbal, black or green. Coffee is forbidden.

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