A Second Child: How To Avoid Child Jealousy?

The birth of a child is always a very responsible step for the couple and you have to prepare for it so that everything that happens after the birth is positive. The birth of the second child in the family is no less responsible, especially since it should be prepared for the mother, father and the first child.

Parental love – a wonderful thing, because when divided between two children, it not only does not decrease, but also greatly multiplies. However, this truth belongs to the category of hard-won – the first child should definitely help to comprehend it as early as possible, so that your relationship is not marred by ridiculous resentments.

How to prepare your baby for the birth of the second child

Most babies are enthusiastic about the news that they will soon have a brother or sister, because it means a friend to play with. It is important to explain to the child that the baby will be born very small and will not be able to live up to expectations right away. So that the arrival of the “living doll” is not a surprise, tell your child about how babies are born.

Show your child’s photo album and comment on each picture in a similar way. Talk about when he learned to sit, walk, talk, etc. Draw parallels between him and a future sibling – this will help to set the right expectations.

Don’t frighten your child into thinking that he/she is a support, and therefore has no right to play pranks. Such attitudes can frighten your child into believing that the world will now revolve around the baby. It’s better to tell him how great you all are going to be together – positive attitudes are much more effective than negative ones.

How to avoid infant jealousy

The birth of your second child will not only change the world for you, but also for your firstborn. Help him or her cope with the situation and don’t make him or her feel like an outsider.

Touch. All children are very touch-sensitive – it’s through touch that they can best feel love and care. Don’t forget to hug and kiss your firstborn, take him by the hand – so he understands that he is very important to you. Let the older child kiss the younger one and hold his/her hand.

Appreciation. Do not think that the firstborn should help you a priori – the desire to help should be brought up, as well as other positive qualities. Don’t ask for help by blaming it on idleness and age – rather learn how to properly thank it for its help. Praise is a great motivator!

Communication. Children, especially newborns, take up a lot of time, but you need to learn how to distribute it between the two children. Make sure your firstborn has time where he has your undivided attention – set aside at least a few minutes, but every day.

Gifts. Give gifts to children not only on New Year’s Day or birthday – there may be many occasions for this. Let it not be expensive, because it has long been known that it is not the gift that counts, but the attention. Gifts from parents will help your child to realize that he is loved, but do not forget that from now on there are two children – the firstborn should understand that the attention of parents is distributed equally. This will help him understand the principle of equality.

Be guided not only by love but also by common sense – this is the only way to create a truly happy family.

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