Psychosomatics of Child Being Overweight: 10 Reasons

It would seem that the child does not overeat, eats healthy food, but still puts on excess weight. Psychotherapists believe that psychosomatics may be the cause.

Overweight in your child – is it time to take a step back and observe? After all, there is no such thing as unreasonable weight gain in an active and healthy child!

And so: the top 10 psychosomatics of overweight in a beloved child: 

1. Lack of love, tenderness and showing love through contact (stroking, kissing, cuddling). You can consider this as a whole. Or you can lack only one component – and the body “begs and shows” about it. 

2. One parent (or maybe both) is too strict and prejudiced against the child, constantly criticizing him or her… 

3. One parent is particularly cruel, and not necessarily to the child. It could be the father who is tyrannizing the mother, and the child “manifests” a protective shell over the body in the form of… 

4. As an extension of reason “3” – someone is tyrannizing your child outside the home: at school a teacher, classmates, coach, etc. 

5. A hyper-controlling/hyper parenting parent (often a grandmother is involved). The body tries to sort of “fence off” and seal the boundaries of the self.

6. The issue of personal space: the child does not have his own corner of the house on a physical level, and he is more than three years old. 

7. Fears and anxiety of the mother (grandmother) in relation to the child’s life. The child’s body turns on the command – “build up an airbag” to make everyone feel better… 

8. The body “fattens up” in the image and likeness, reading the model of the favorite family member as the ideal model to follow. And the child may like the kindness or success of this relative, and the body will broadcast from its point of view the desire to be similar to this person. Such processes are often triggered by phrases such as, “just like Daddy,” or “all the girls in our family are fat. 

9. Guilt and “calm down!!!”. The focus should be on where and how it is possible to fool around, run, jump, and splash out all the accumulated, rather than on what you can’t do and “how are not you ashamed! The phrase “calm down, and you already have a headache” – is generally disastrous in every sense. But today we are talking about being overweight? So, the child, not wanting to live through a sense of guilt – puts on extra pounds and becomes sedentary and of course calm ♀️ if only his mother did not have a headache! 

10. The birth of younger siblings (the appearance of newcomers in the family to whom attention is switched on) may provoke weight gain in order to become “more noticeable” for parents.

The “three pillars” that parents often forget about: healthy eating, routines, and physical activity!!!! All the time!!! And you have to start with yourself? – You are the closest thing to a role model.

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