15 Tips for Making Porridge for Kids

What could be easier than porridge? But for some people it turns out delicious and homogeneous, and for others it burns, boils, and turns into lumps. Some children make a sour face at the word “porridge,” while others – gobble it up in no time at all. Here are 15 tips on how not to spoil their porridge with butter or anything else.

  1. The more diligently the manufacturer has ground and processed the cereal, the less good it will be in the porridge your child eats. Ready-made instant porridge is just such an example.
  2. Don’t be lazy: making porridge in the morning is easier than you think. To cut down on stove time, soak hard grains (buckwheat or rice) in cold water the night before. In the morning, drain off the excess, add milk and whatever else you like. You can be sure that in 10 minutes at the most the porridge will be ready.
  3. The best way to make porridge is to use pots or saut̩ pans with a thick bottom of tested quality. Do not use aluminum cookware Рthe porridge may have a metallic taste.
  4. All porridge is healthy, but the champions of the number of health benefits are buckwheat and oatmeal.
  5. The older your child is, the harder it is to get him to eat porridge. Show your imagination by adding chocolate chips, nuts, cookie pieces, fresh berries or jam to the ready porridge.
  6. If you cook your porridge with milk only, you don’t need to add salt and sugar. The porridge will already have a rich flavor. 
  7. Instead of milk, you can take cream, but it’s better to dilute it with water in the proportion “one to one”. Manna and oatmeal can be cooked in a mixture of milk and water in the same proportion.
  8. Any porridge after boiling should stand in the pot for a couple of minutes, and another couple of minutes on a plate. Its flavor will become richer, and the liquid porridge will thicken better.
  9. Milk tends to “run away” unexpectedly, so you can start cooking porridge with water, and add milk or cream closer to the end.
  10. Do not cook buckwheat porridge with milk. Milk washes out the iron, the main valuable ingredient in buckwheat.
  11. If you sprinkle the hot porridge with brown sugar, it will quickly melt, and you will get a delicious crispy glaze.
  12. It is good to sprinkle the semolina with ground cinnamon. Very interesting flavor and aroma.
  13. If you have a multicooker, you can easily pre-cook whole-grain porridge at a low temperature. Which is pretty darn useful.
  14. To avoid lumps forming in the corn porridge, stir it constantly with a whisk.
  15. A favorite recipe from the childhood: boil thick semolina, cool, put it in the fridge, cut it into pieces, pour jam or add fresh berries and serve it as a pudding.
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