Pros and Cons of Motherhood

Everything changes with the birth of a child – the world around you and inside!  Women’s psychology has surprises after childbirth.  A mom is a completely different person. But how hard it is to say goodbye to the old self – young, light and independent. You just need to give yourself a little time and learn about all the advantages of motherhood

In fact, there are more  pros in the life of a young mother than there are cons. Relationships in the family often change for the better: it turns out the husband can support and help… and forgive tantrums… In addition, much depends on the angle from which one looks at the changes after the birth of the child.

Perinatal psychologist and  breastfeeding consultant, told what bonuses await every mother.

 For example:

1. Even if your husband is away on a business trip, you’re not alone now.

2. You find out who’s really your friend and who isn’t. 

3. On the days when you manage to do a lot of things, you feel superhuman. 

4. On the days when you don’t get anything done, you have an excuse!!! 

5. For the sake of kids, you try to be a better person.

What about our favorite oxytocin? ? He’s the king of all maternity perks! I used to go to the gym before I gave birth and I kept wondering what our body was capable of – different sports, challenging exercises, sometimes fatigue. After giving birth, you realize that the gym is kindergarten. So the first bonus is realizing how amazingly resilient our body is and what incredible potential it has. From this comes the second bonus – you begin to be immensely grateful to your body and love it even more! Of course, the third bonus is breastfeeding. After all the obstacles of establishing lactation, breastfeeding, you share tenderness with your baby and love the world at the same time ? In the three months since my daughter was born, I have become convinced that motherhood is wonderful, we need to talk more about such wonderful perks. My first wishes for a young family are more about patience than about enjoying such a wonderful time. Do the perks confidently override the small and not-so-small obstacles, after all?

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