Children Of Celebrities Who Were Born From Surrogate Mothers

Moreover, some celebrities frankly admit that their babies were born through surrogacy. We discuss the babies who were born by surrogate mothers further in our story. 

Michael Jackson and his son Prince Michael II

The pop king’s third child was carried by a surrogate mother. Prince Michael II was born in 2002, after his star father divorced his second wife Debbie Rowe. Jackson chose to keep the name of his surrogate mother a secret. The most interesting thing about this story is that the main criterion for choosing a surrogate mother was the level of her intellectual abilities, rather than medical indicators of health. After all, the candidates chosen by the pop king had to undergo a test that determined the level of IQ.

Ricky Martin and his baby twins

Matteo and Valentino, two chubby twins, the children of famous singer Ricky Martin were also carried by a surrogate mother. Not so long ago, the singer shocked fans by his openly gay confession. However, he did not want to deprive himself of the joy of fatherhood, so his choice is understandable. When the twins were born, Martin’s happiness was limitless. He was happy to look after the babies, feed them and change their nappies. Now that the kids have grown up, Ricky spends a lot of free time with them. According to the star father, a complete family is not defined by having both biological parents, but by the love and affection he knows how to give his kids. The name of Matteo and Valentino’s surrogate mother was not disclosed, but rumour has it that it was Martin’s cousin. 

Sarah Jessica Parker and her girlsĀ 

The star of the Sex and the City series Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick have also made no secret of the fact their twin girls, Tabitha and Marion, were carried by a surrogate. Moreover, the star couple were careless enough to reveal the surrogate’s name, which was Ohio resident, 27-year-old American Michelle Ross. Journalists then for a long time gave no peace to Michelle, asking her about the details of the pregnancy. It should be noted that before the twins were born, the couple already had a biological son – James Wilkie. And when asked why the couple decided to become parents for a second time in this way, they replied that it is the safest and most successful.

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