Tip Of The Day: To Be Toned, Do Hula Hoop Exe…

A hula hoop is usually associated with slimming exercises. However, the beneficial effects of hula hoop exercises don’t stop there. Hula hoop exercises are… A workout for your cardiovascular system; a necessary massage to your intestines and other digestive organs; an increase in blood flow to the brain; an increase in energy; better coordination; strengthening … Read more

Calcium In A Child’s Diet: Top Foods Fo…

Want to ensure a healthy future for your child? Make sure they get enough calcium now. Calcium is essential to every cell in our body. Strong bones, healthy teeth, muscle function, blood clotting, transmission of signals between neurons, permeability of cell membranes – all are its responsibility. Calcium in the body is more than other … Read more

How Can Children Help In The Kitchen?

Many children from an early age want to participate in the process of cooking, especially if their mothers love and know how to cook. We will help you identify how children can help and develop love for cooking. “For many families, the kitchen is a place for intergenerational fellowship and togetherness. If your children show … Read more

One Child In The Family – How Not To Ra…

There is a joke that everyone thinks they know about politics, football and parenting. In these areas, supposedly, nothing at all complicated, but it is not so. As parents we are surprised to realize that we have very little idea how to raise our child to be intelligent, responsive, polite, brave, etc. Badly brought up … Read more

Beware Of Granny!

When we become parents, we all, of course, count on the selfless help of our own mothers. It seems that with their support, experience and wisdom, caring for and raising a child won’t be so difficult, but the proverbial generational conflict comes into play. Often help turns into serious stress – too different your approaches … Read more