Relax: 10 Tips For Moms Who Feel Anxious All The Time

Mom is not indifferent – she is always worried about something. Concerns and fears about the baby just haunt every mother, because that’s how the maternal instinct works.

Mom doesn’t always understand that your baby needs to learn to make decisions and overcome obstacles on his or her own. If your concern for your baby has already become pathological anxiety, 10 of our simple tips will help you stop worrying.

1. Stop reading a lot of parenting books. You will never be able to reread them all. If you are interested in a question, read only the information that will answer it. There is too much information, so trust your gut, not other people’s advice. 

2. Write letters to yourself. Tell yourself in a letter about your worries and fears and how you can deal with them. You’ll be surprised how this simple advice will help you get rid of feelings of anxiety. 

3. Breathe To calm yourself, take long, deep breaths and exhales. You don’t have to go to a yoga studio at all, because you can learn how to breathe properly at home.

4. Don’t try to be “Miss Perfect” . Love yourself for who you are. Don’t try to compare yourself to your friend, your neighbor, or your mom. You have your own way. 

5. Let your living space be serene. Turn on light, calm music, don’t raise your voice, be calm. 

6. Listen to your body. Drink water to flush out toxins. Take the vitamins you are lacking. Replace regular coffee with decaffeinated coffee, exercise and get more sleep.

7. Grooming – a daily ritual Morning yoga, evening bath with essential oils – make time just for yourself every day. You deserve it. 

8. Hobbies: Want to learn to play tennis or knit? Find yourself a hobby to distract your mind or keep your body occupied. Psychologists: a hobby will help strengthen family relationships 

9. Find support You’re not as alone in your problems as you think you are. Find mommy groups or forums where you can be supported. 

10. Organize your time Buy and use a planner. They say we worry when we think about the future. Instead of dreading the future, write down your plans and it will be easier for you to control them.

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